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R&S Auto is the best shop for tires in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We have a staggering array of assorted brands and types of tires. Whether you’re concerned with tread life, tread design, handling, performance in extreme weather, or anything else, we have the right tire for you.


It’s important to remember that there is no objectively best tire. Some tires are better for some drivers, some vehicles, and some conditions, than others. It depends on your circumstances and your preferences.

Given all these variables, it can be difficult to pick the right tire for you. Where do you start? You should start by visiting the best shop for tires in all of Richmond Hill. R&S Auto has highly knowledgeable technicians who can recommend the perfect tire for your needs and wants.

Summer Tires in Richmond Hill, ON

Summer tires are specially designed to handle summer conditions. Summers are hot and typically quite dry here in Richmond Hill. And few things get hotter than asphalt that’s been baking in the July sun for a few hours.

This heat can put stress on your tires. To get the absolute peak performance out of your vehicle, consider having summer tires installed. There’s no better way to prepare for a summer road trip than with the optimal tires.

All-Season Tires in Richmond Hill, ON

All-season tires have versatile tread patterns. These tires are great for summer driving, but they’re also great for spring and autumn driving. Muddy roads and leafy streets are no problem for these tires.

While they’re called all-seasons, in Canada, these tires aren’t great for winter driving. Below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds stiffen and they can’t provide you with the traction you need to stop quickly on cold roads, let alone ice.

All-Weather Tires in Richmond Hill, ON

All-weather tires are similar to all-seasons but with one key difference: all-weathers can be used during winter. They bear a special snowy logo on them. This means they meet Transport Canada’s requirements for winter driving.

You can use all-weather tires for any season. Having said that, using them constantly for over a year can cause problems. If you don’t want to switch to summer tires in summer or winter tires in winter, consider at least getting your all-weathers rotated and maybe balanced once a year. This can increase tread life and avoid wheel alignment problems.

Winter Tires in Richmond Hill, ON

Winter tires, or snow tires, are perfect for winter driving. In the GTA, all-weather tires are fine for winter driving. But if you’re really concerned about driving over packed snow or icy roads, consider using specially designed winter tires.

Visit R&S Auto – The best shop for tires in Richmond Hill, ON.

Whether you’re looking for the best winter tires for an SUV, the best all-weather tires for a light truck, or the best all-season tires for any passenger car, R&S Auto has got you covered. We provide the drivers of Richmond Hill with a large collection of tires and expert advice.

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