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Power Steering Flush Service in Brampton, ON

Most vehicles today come equipped with power steering. Power steering, as the name suggests, provides a smooth and easy use of the steering wheel, a very convenient and nice to have perk of today’s modern vehicles.

It works by using something called power steering fluid, and this fluid is important.Without enough power steering fluid, you’ll find steering quite difficult. If this has happened to you, you’ve probably been trying to research power steering fluid flushes and trying to find somebody who can perform a power steering flush service. If you’re near Brampton, ON, come to R&S Auto and we can help you out.

“Can I get a power steering fluid flush in Brampton?”

Yes, you can! R&S Auto provides power steering flush services, and other steering services, in Brampton, ON. But why would you need a power steering flush? And how often might you need it?

What is power steering?

Power steering provides a smooth steering experience for drivers. It is a system that reduces the amount of effort required by the driver to turn the steering wheel. Without power steering, it would be considerably more difficult to steer your vehicle. The steering wheel would feel extremely heavy, especially at low speeds, so a simple act like pulling into a parking spot would require a great deal of physical effort.

What is power steering fluid?

Many power steering systems are hydraulic. These systems use, hydraulic fluid to create the necessary power. The fluid is pressurized by a pump driven off the engine.

To keep working properly, the hydraulic fluid needs to be replaced periodically. Routine maintenance and inspection are also key because if any of the hydraulic lines springs a leak, it makes a mess and ruins the power steering.

How often should power steering fluid be changed?

It’s best practice to have your power steering fluid checked every 50,000km. If you bring your vehicle into R&S Auto, our expert technicians can advise you if your vehicle requires a power steering flush or not.

If you’ve noticed something wrong with your steering, you should bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. Faulty steering is a safety hazard and ignoring problems just makes them get worse. You wouldn’t ignore your check engine light, so don’t ignore steering issues.

Is all power steering hydraulic?

No, in fact, fewer and fewer automobiles are being manufactured with hydraulic power steering. Nowadays, the more popular system is electric power steering, or EPS, which uses an electric motor to provide steering assistance.

Come to R&S Auto for a power steering fluid flush in Brampton, ON.

R&S Auto can take care of your power steering. We offer power steering flush services, among other steering and suspension inspection, maintenance, and repair services. Our technicians have all the knowledge and expertise to get your steering back in working order.

In addition to our steering and fluid flush services, we also offer myriad other services. These include tire balancing, brake line service, tire rotations, diagnostics, digital vehicle inspections, and more. Whatever service you want for your vehicle, R&S Auto can provide it.

To book an appointment for a power steering fluid flush, or any other type of auto service, please click here. To learn more about fluid flushes, or any of our other services and products, please contact us via our website or call 416-748-9300.

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