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About BG Products

Founded in 1971, BG products has grown to be a global leader in automotive maintenance. BG products hold 35 patents 50,000 shops across 75 countries employ BG products in their maintenance plans.

BG Products in Our Shop

Regular vehicle maintenance enhances vehicle performance and extends the life of your car. Each vehicle owner’s manual has a list of maintenance tasks that explain when specific services should be completed to keep your car in the greatest shape. At R&S Auto, we use top of the line BG products during your services.

This can involve maintenance on the brakes, power steering system, fuel system, and engine, among other things. Our shop is a licensed BG service facility, meaning that we have had the training necessary to use BG products properly. Visit us right now to discover more about our offerings and to have a conversation with a service representative about how you could save hundreds on auto repairs.

With cutting-edge maintenance for key components like the driveline, brakes, power steering, and more, BG Services are made to improve a car’s overall performance. Utilizing cutting-edge servicing technologies at patented BG fluid performance enhancements, our team of experienced technicians will ensure that your vehicle is taken care of at the highest calibre.

BG Product List

BG offers products for a variety of products from batteries and brakes to power steering and transmission. Some of their products include:

  • Battery Cleaner and Acid Detector: a foamy cleanser that eliminates battery terminal, cable, and carrier corrosion and detects acid presence to alert of potential leaks.
  • Universal Coolant/Antifreeze: a comprehensive coolant with a long lifespan that guards cooling systems against corrosion, foaming, and acid pollution.
  • Engine Performance Concentrate: reduces oil oxidation and wear and keeps small engines’ piston rings, valve lifters, and other engine parts clear of varnish, rust, and other built-up deposits.
  • Fuel Injection & Combustion Camber Cleaner: removes accumulated deposits from combustion chambers and fuel injectors to increase performance and efficiency while reducing hazardous emissions.

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan® provides you with peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle. When you invest in high-quality BG maintenance at R&S Auto, BG. covers your vehicle’s systems. The coverage lasts for the life of the vehicle and it’s transferable, if you choose to sell.

Book Your BG Service at R&S Auto in Richmond Hill

At R&S Auto in Richmond Hill, ON we are confident about the performance of BG products. If you are interested in using BG products in your vehicle or just want to know more, call and speak with a service advisor. We’re always happy to discuss the benefits of using BG products in your vehicle. Alternatively, book your next BG service online today!

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