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Tire Balancing in Woodbridge, ON

Tire Balancing

The ultimate goal of having your wheels balanced is to ensure that the weight of the tire and the wheel are evenly balanced so that they rotate smoothly. At R&S Auto we can ensure that your tires and wheel assembly are properly balanced so that you experience a smooth drive no matter how fast you push your vehicle.

What is tire balancing?

Wheel balancing, also referred to as tire balancing, is the process of balancing each individual wheel assembly to ensure the unit is the same weight the entire way around. Tires can have slight weight imbalances from one side to the other and when you’re driving slowly this might not seem like an issue but as your vehicle increases speed the imbalance can cause vibration in the steering wheel of the car as well as irregular tire wear. The longer an out of balance tire stays in contact with the road, the more likely your tires are to experience uneven wear.

How is a wheel balance conducted?

At R&S Auto, we utilize machine assisted spin balancing to ensure that your tires are properly balanced. We conduct this service by placing each individual wheel on our balancing machine, the machine spins your wheel at a very high speed and determines which point of the assembly is the heaviest. It then indicates to our service technicians what amount of weight needs to be applied and at what point on the opposite side of the wheel to place that weight to compensate for the imbalance. A technician then adds small weights to the specified areas of the tire. Once properly balanced, your tires are mounted back onto your vehicle and you are safe to drive home.

Importance of a tire balance

Wheel balancing is a necessary service because virtually all wheel assemblies have a slight imbalance; the effects of an imbalance are magnified over time and can cause major wear and tear on tires, decreasing their lifespan. Additionally, as tires naturally wear the balance will change, to combat this we suggest rebalancing your tires when you rotate them or when you swap from your winter tires to summer tires or vice versa.

Wheel Balancing at R&S Auto

Are you in need of a new shop to conduct your next wheel balance? Consider booking an appointment at R&S Auto in Woodbridge, ON. Our team of trained technicians can conduct a wheel balance for you as well as any other tire or wheel service you may need including wheel alignments, or sourcing a new set of tires.

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