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If you’ve been looking for the best all-weather tires for your SUV, hatchback, station wagon, electric car, or any other vehicle, R&S Auto has a wide range of all-weathers for drivers in the Thornhill area of Ontario. But are all-weather tires the best option for your driving habits and your vehicle?

What are the benefits of all-weather tires?

All-weather tires produce reliable performance in all weather conditions. In Thornhill, we have four distinct tires. While some drivers prefer to switch from summers, to all-seasons, to winters, and back again, others don’t like all that hassle.

That’s why all-weather tires are so appealing. They can handle hot, dry roads and they can handle wet, watery roads. Slick surfaces can always be dangers, though, so drive extra carefully in the rain.

All-weathers vs. All-Seasons

All-weather tires and all-season tires are slightly different. They both provide reliable performance in numerous weather conditions, but there’s one key difference. All-seasons are not really designed to handle Canadian winters.

Below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds used in summer and all-season tires begin to stiffen, reducing their handling and traction. All-weathers have special compounds and tread patterns that allow them to deal with snow and cold.

Winter Weather Driving

While all-seasons and summer tires suffer from long braking distances and poor edging in winter, all-weathers have special tread designs to help them grip roads covered in light snow. All-weathers bear the Transport Canada pictograph of mountain peaks and snowflakes, meaning they pass the test as a snow tire.

Are all-weather tires as good in winter as specifically engineered winter tires? In a place like Thornhill, yes, they probably are. Winter tires have some advantages over all-weathers, such as better handling over rough, packed snow, or icy and gravelly roads, but for city driving, all-weathers should be more than sufficient.

Summer Weather Conditions

At R&S Auto, we have many tire offerings, including summer tires. If you want the best performance possible in summer, you might prefer these tires to all-weathers. Summer tires are engineered to offer excellent traction for sharp turns and handling on hot, dry pavement.

If creating the perfect driving experience is important to you, then we have summer tires you can choose from for those long road trips. Many drivers, though, have no issue driving on all-weather tires in summer. It’s a personal choice, not a safety issue like trying to use summers or all-seasons in winter.

Visit R&S Auto for top-rated all-weather tires in Thornhill, ON.

Whether you’re looking for the best all-weather tires for an SUV, light truck, or passenger car, R&S Auto has got you covered. We provide the drivers of Thornhill with an ample collection of tires and expert advice.

In addition to our vast selection of all-weathers and other tires, we also provide a variety of repair services. From brake line service, to tire balancing, to engine service, we do it all. Whatever problem you’ve been experiencing, the technicians at R&S Auto can probably fix it.

To book an appointment to have all-weather tires installed on your vehicle, please click here. To learn more about all-weather tires, or our other available tires and services, please contact us via our website or call 416-748-9300.

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