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Summer and Performance Tires Shop in Toronto, ON

If you have lived in Toronto for more than one winter, you probably know the value of winter tires that maximize traction on wet and cold roads. What about the summer, though? Should you just use all season tires during the summer or tires specialized for high performance in summer time? Summer tires are designed for high performance on dry roads. They can maximize agility and speed and can increase your braking and cornering efficiency.

Summer tires use specialized rubber compounds and tread patterns that have less grooving which allow them to apply more rubber to the surface of the road at any given point in their rotation. This maximizes the road-holding grip of the tire. They also have more flexibility which further increases their traction and grip. These high-performance tires also have shallower tread depths, and this provides more stability in extreme situations. While other tires might lose their grip on a hot, dry road, high performance summer tires do not. They can also provide better fuel efficiency in hot temperatures. Not all summer tires are the same, however, so try to buy tires that comply with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended size, speed rating, and load capacity.

At R&S Auto, we sell a wide range of high-performance summer tires, and we install them on vehicles in our Toronto shop. If you would like to learn more, please contact us via our website or call 416-748-9300. You can also book an appointment to have summer tires put on your vehicle here.

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