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Wheel Alignment

Let’s explore what wheel alignment is all about. Wheel alignment is one of the essential vehicle services that ensures wheels of any automobile are adjusted on a routine, so that the car drives straight ahead rather inclining to one side. Proper and regular alignment of the car ensures the vitality of the car. After a certain period, improper alignment can further lead to uneven wear and tear of tires as well as inefficient fuel consumption.

For a better understanding, let’s think of the poor alignment of car similar to wearing shoes which are uneven. If one is shorter than the other, the joints of one leg have to work harder on one side as there would be additional weight on that specific leg. Over the time, you will develop a limb and you will feel completely weak on one side. If your car isn’t aligned well, then the same can happen with it. And if neglected for longer, it can lead to some expensive repairs.

What is the Reason Behind Wheel Alignment Issue?

During a particular period, wheels can lose their alignment. Sometimes, a pothole on the road or an accident can also cause alignment issues. One key fact is that it is a gradual process and doesn’t happen overnight. Thus, tire experts recommend getting alignment services periodically, whether an incident occurs or not.

Why does a Vehicle Require Proper Wheel Alignment?

Correct wheel alignment is important to ensure that there are no unnecessary wear and tear of tires, suspension, steering, as well as brakes. Accurate and proper wheel alignment also means a stable driving experience, optimum tire life, and the handling performance of your car.

How would I Know If I Need Wheel Alignment Services?

Have you got new tires for your car? Then, increase their shelf life with periodic wheel alignment services. Knowing when the service is due isn’t that difficult. Your vehicle is pretty good at telling when there’s something going on with its machinery or the service is due. All you need to do is understand the signs and watch out for them. When it comes to an improper alignment, your car would:

  • Swerve from right to left
  • Squealing noise from tires
  • Rapid and uneven wearing of tires
  • Crooked steering wheel even when you are driving straight
  • Vibrating sensation in steering wheel

If you experience a tire with uneven wear or if the car is pulling itself to one side of the road even though you appear to be driving straight, then there may be an issue with the wheel alignment. Besides, there can be other symptoms that can confirm the issue. Some of them include vibrating or shaking sensation in the steering wheel, or a crooked steering wheel when you drive through a curb or hit a pothole.

All these things are a definite sign that it is the time to get the wheel alignment of your car checked. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, a 4 or 2-wheel alignment is just what you require to get your vehicle running straight up, but the deal is getting wheel alignment done periodically.

If you are experiencing your car or 2-wheeler giving off these signs, it is the time to fix your appointment with R&S Auto and we will provide you a complete diagnosis of your vehicle while finding an appropriate solution so that your car works at its best.

Our Alignment Services Include:

Each high-quality car alignment service is initiated with a complete inspection of each suspension component and steering to ensure that there is no worn out or damaged parts causing the problems, as well as an inspection of the tires to determine if they need to be replaced. Similar to a physician performing a complete body check-up before the surgery, our team of experts ensures that the steering system of your car would hold any adjustments easily and strongly before we start with the detailed work.

Various elements such as ball joints, tie rod ends, struts, pitman arms and idler, and bushings and stabilizer bars all should be in great shape, otherwise all work related to the car alignment would go down the drain when you would hit a tough spot on the road. These are some of the key things we check and inform you about so that you know everything about your car.

For us, your well-being and safety is paramount, we have certified mechanics on our teams who not just work on your vehicle but also explain you in details about every process. Also, R&S Auto utilizes the most advanced digital equipment for alignment that comes with optical sensors, which allows us to perform the car wheel alignment service in the most accurate and efficient manner.

Advantages of Wheel Alignment

Periodic wheel alignment service from our team at R&S Auto is not just advantageous for your vehicle but it also ensures your well-being. When your car or 2-wheeler has properly and accurately aligned wheels, the whole driving experience becomes way smoother and there will be improve vehicle safety and there will be an increased shelf-life of the tires. Regular wheel alignment service also improves the fuel efficiency of your car and ensures a lower rate of wear and tear, so that you don’t have to spend too much on the car servicing.

If you are experiencing your car pulling to the left or right while driving, then it is uneven tread wear. If left unchecked and untreated, the issues of wheel alignment can result in suspension and steering problems as steering a car that’s out of alignment not just puts additional stress on tires as well as on suspension elements.

In addition to your car being pulled to either side of the road you may notice a vibration in the steering wheel when you are driving at higher speeds, then it is another indicator to contact R&S Auto for wheel alignment service. Now you know what to do if you come across any of these signs; pick up your phone and give us a call! Or schedule an appointment

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