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Brake Fluid Flush in Thornhill, ON

Typically, drivers aren’t very proactive when it comes to brake maintenance. Instead, drivers wait until their brake system is starting to fail before they seek repair. Even then, drivers think of brake pads and brake rotors but often overlook brake fluid. Brakes are the most important safety component of your vehicle, so ensuring they are working properly can make the difference of arriving safely or getting into an accident.

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Part of the brake system includes brake fluid, which needs to be flushed on a regular car maintenance schedule to ensure operation of the brake system.

What does brake fluid do?

The purpose of brake fluid is to transmit pressure received from the brake pedal to brake components. The pressure is sent to the master cylinder and calipers which clamp the brake pads and cause your vehicle to stop. With no brake fluid, this ripple effect won’t happen.

What is a brake fluid flush?

All the brake components on your vehicle are connected by brake hoses or brake lines that make those components do their job when a driver applies pressure with their foot to the brake pedal. The fluid within these brake lines plays a crucial role in the overall brake system.

Over time with kilometers driven adding up parts of the brake system can start to wear down and deteriorate. The brake fluid level can decrease, pieces of debris and dirt can tear away and end up in the brake fluid. The dirtier and more debris in the fluid, the less effective the fluid is at doing its job. Aside from dirt and debris, the longer you go without changing your brake fluid, you increase the chance of air bubbles appearing in the brake lines.

As part of your owner’s manual, it will outline recommended service intervals to have fluids like your brakes flushed and replaced. Keeping up with these service recommendations will help ensure your vehicle stays on the road for years to come.

When it is time for a brake fluid flush, our trained technicians at R&S Auto in North York will essentially take all of the old brake fluid out of your components and replace it with new, clean fluid.

Our team will first empty the brake fluid reservoir and then clean out the brake valve and brake lines. When we add in the new brake fluid, we will ensure the old brake fluid is removed and new fluid is pushed through all components and working properly.

Do I need a brake flush?

While out and about driving, if you notice any of the symptoms below you may want to book an appointment for brake service.

  • Brakes are grinding or squealing
  • Steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied
  • Changes in the way your brake pedal feels when pressure is applied

You may not always be able to determine at a glance if your brake fluid needs attention. Having clean brake fluid can ensure optimal brake performance while driving.

Keeping on top of preventative maintenance services such as a brake flush will help decrease the chance of costly repairs over time. Contact the professionals at R&S Auto today to book your appointment! We can perform a brake fluid check, or full brake fluid service if required on your vehicle.

At R&S Auto, we are proud to be an independent automotive shop who has been serving the GTA and surrounding area for over 30 years. Customers come from Thornhill and anywhere in between for our superior customer service and premium parts.

Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance services like a brake flush or oil change or are looking for specialized service on hybrid and EV vehicles or even looking for a new set of tires, we can do it all!  Trust the experts and book your next appointment today with R&S Auto in Thornhill

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