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Alignment Shop for Lowered Cars in Woodbridge, ON

If you’ve recently lowered your car, or you’re thinking about doing so, you should be aware that doing so can really mess up your car’s alignment system. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t lower your car, necessarily. It just means you need to find an alignment shop that knows how to service this specialty car type.

If you’ve been searching, “lowered car alignment near me”, “how are lowered cars aligned differently”, or “alignment shop for lowered cars Woodbridge”, R&S Auto can help. We can service lowered cars in Woodbridge, ON.

“Is there an alignment shop for lowered cars near me in Woodbridge?”

There is! At R&S Auto, wheel alignments are among the myriad auto services we provide. But when is an alignment necessary? You can’t always tell if your wheels are aligned properly, most drivers are aware if the vehicle pulls to one side or another, that something could be wrong with the alignment.

Most misalignments are caused by wear and tear, so it’s a problem that usually develops over time. Occasionally, the need for an alignment is obvious, such as if you’ve recently suffered a significant collision. However, if you drive a lowered car, the alignment math can be quite different.

Why would you lower your car?

Lowering is one of the most popular modifications for car enthusiasts. Lowered vehicles have a lower centre of gravity. This is important because it decreases rollover risk when taking turns at higher speeds.

Lowering your vehicle’s suspension gives drivers better handling and traction. You can really feel in control of your vehicle when the suspension is lowered because everything becomes more responsive.

To lower a vehicle, generally means installing plus-sized tires and wheels. Tires like these have shorter sidewalls, less roll around the corners, and a larger contact patch. This keeps more rubber in contact with the road.

Does lowering your car hurt it?

It can, but it’s more a matter of trade-offs. A lowered car can put extra stress on your suspension and steering system parts, and this often leads to increased wear and tear. In a lowered vehicle, the tires might rub against sheet metal or suspension parts, which can damage either or both.

Driving around in a lowered car tends to be harsher and bumpier, as well, because most lowering methods reduce spring travel. But perhaps the biggest issue with lowering your car, is it will change how your wheels and suspension are aligned. If you don’t take this into account, you could incur some serious problems, including steering problems and uneven tire wear.

Make R&S Auto your alignment shop for lowered cars in Woodbridge, ON.

Whether you already own a lowered car or you’re thinking about lowering your vehicle, you should talk to the experts at R&S Auto about the possible alignment implications of lowering your vehicle. Our technicians have all the knowledge and expertise you need to make your decision.

In addition to our alignment services, we also offer myriad other services. These include tire balancing, brake line service, tire rotations, diagnostics, digital vehicle inspections, and more. Whatever service you want for your lowered vehicle, or any other kind of passenger car, R&S Auto can probably provide it.

To book a service appointment for your lowered care, please click here. To learn more about wheel alignments, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website or call 416-748-9300.

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